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11. Optional Facebook Posting Tool: Vizzlie

    One of the most time consuming tasks has already been done for you! All the graphics, videos, and wording you need to throw a launch party are DONE!

    With Vizzlie, you can pre-schedule your posts for your FB events and they’ll automatically post for you during the party. This allows you to spend more time chatting with everyone in the comments and prevents you from being stuck all day in front of a computer. Vizzlie is a FREE app to use with doing limited events. If you do more than 2 events a month, it’s only $10 a month

    Launch Party Template Code (only used for your first launch party) Make absolute sure you edit to reflect you: 5WRGY3E

    These two images are to post in the comments the day after the party or whenever you think is appropriate.

    Join our Vizzlie team page for more party codes!

    1. In, log in
    2. Go to teams on the left hand side
    3. Click on join/create team
    4. Use code UBAMAMP to find team

    Ask your team leader for a current template code to customize as your own when you begin doing parties with hostesses.