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12. Book Lists & Recommendations

    Here’s how you’ll know everything about our books!

    We have a separate group dedicated to questions about our products! Ask your sponsor/team leader to add you to Thrive Product Knowledge! Here’s a link to the group, which should work for you once you’ve been added!

    This is where you can ask for inside pages pictures, get some ideas for recommendations, and complete training that will help you learn even more about our books (you’ll find that training in the units)! Make sure to utilize the search feature before posting! It’s most likely that your question has been asked before!

    Once people start commenting on the “How Old Are Your Readers?” post, it’s time to give recommendations!

    There are a few different ways you can recommend books in parties! There’s not one right way – I recommend you follow the lead of your team leader here! Whatever they suggest though, just do what they do! For your launch party, watch this video for tips on recommending books and creating a wishlist.

    What’s important here is that you provide this service somehow, because it’s what will set you apart, make you seen as knowledgable, and help you connect 1-on-1 with people – which will help you book parties, build a team, make higher sales and expand your network by growing your VIP group! This service to your party guests is your MONEY MAKER so you want to pay attention here!!!!

    Book binding definitions: these symbols are next to the ISBN number under the title of the book.