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13. Event Night Tips

    At party time!

    POST #1: When Vizzlie posts post #1 (the welcome post), click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the post and choose to “edit post”.  Click the tag icon, then “tag friends” and select all group members.  Save the post THEN add this comment to post 1 to remind them the party is starting and explain how they can find the posts since groups will show posts out of order:

    *Hey guys! Party time! Here’s post 1. Posts will show out of order but are numbered up to #10 (the shopping post πŸŽ‰) so you can find them. Be sure to comment on all posts for party prize points!!*

     Shine a Light game! **PARTY BOOKINGS**: Either pre party or IN your party posts is one of the best ways to get party bookings! When someone messages you their guess, send back the answer graphic with these blurbs :

    **When they guess correctly**: *Woohoo! πŸ‘πŸ» How about as a gift to you I give you a free shine-a-light book and an extra $10 book of YOUR CHOICE if you let me do a qualifying party for you?! Super easy, you just invite your friends and I do the rest. What do you think?!*

    **When they guess incorrectly**: *Tell you what…how about for participating I give you a free shine-a-light book of YOUR CHOICE if you let me do a qualifying party for you?! Super easy, you just invite your friends and I do the rest. What do you think?!*

    **Send screenshots** to your team leader if they say “no thanks” and she will help you with a response! Most times people saying no is really just a hesitation that can be worked through.

    Various answers for the Shine a Light game are below! If your game in Post 3 is different from this SAL book shown, ask your Team Leader for the correct answer graphic!

    Your party night – after the party!

    Your party was a hit!! Way to go!!! Take a deep breath and do a little celebration dance! You threw a launch party!!!

    We usually don’t get any orders the night of the party, since people are tired and will want to look even more the next day. So don’t stay up refreshing, as tempting as it is!

    What you DO want to do before you go to bed is offer everyone the opportunity to host – while the party and all the books they want are fresh on their minds!

    Send a message like this one to everyone who came to the live party if you haven’t asked them if they’d like to host yet!

    Thanks so much for coming to my launch party tonight!! I’m so thankful for you and for your support in my new business! I would LOVE to have you as my first hostess! Would you be willing to give it a try next Thursday? That’s my first open night I’m trying to book! Would that work for you? It’s really simple, and you can get a bunch of books off your wish list free!

    This is the cake you’d offer to people at a real party! They can say no, they can take it – or they may even say yes and then ask you for the recipe (join your team)!!!

    Keep TRACK of who responds and what they say – sometimes they may not say yes but they’ll give you a reason that means they’re not sure. Your sponsor/team leader can help you respond to those so you can speak into their hesitations and maybe still end up getting a yes! So keep her in the loop with responses and let her guide you!