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14. Critical: Follow Up

    Top 3 Follow-Up Tips

    • Always be diligent with follow up, make it easy on a host, and never expect that the host will do what you ask them to do.
    • Follow your Party Guide each day and be service-oriented, friendly and helpful.
    • “Fortune is in the follow up”. You NEVER want to slack on your follow up. This is a deal breaker for your party.

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    Update the Party On The Status of Earned Rewards

    Announce how much more the hostess needs in sales to reach the next level of rewards. Include the link to order. Attach a graphic from below or a GIF.

    Please Note: If the sales are $15 or less away from the next level of rewards, add an additional $50 to your announcement. For example, if the hostess is $7 away from the next level of rewards say, ” Monica is only $57 away from the next level of rewards….” Here’s why: saying they’re only $7 away will get you next customer to spend only $7 most likely. People like to help their friends out and be the one that got them to the next level!

    Graphic Examples:

    Messaging the Guests Who Have & Haven’t Ordered Yet. What to do and say during this party of your follow up in the Hostess Coaching Guide Part #7.