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15. Offering the Opportunity

    Why should I offer the opportunity of PaperPie?

    Nah, I just want to sell books.” “I don’t even know what I’m doing yet, I’ll wait to offer the opportunity until later” Are the most common things we hear from new Brand Partners. Watch these two videos to see how it’s SELFISH to withhold this life-changing opportunity from others, and what you also stand to gain when you begin to recruit early! See below for resources to help you get started!

    Tips for Recruiting

    • Get to know them, become friends.
    • Ask them about themselves.
    • Be positive, upbeat & friendly.
    • Always end in a question
    • Highlight their attributes that would be an asset to the position.
    • Ask them if they have any questions for you.
    • Use this “Conversation Flow Chart” to guide you in the conversation.
    • Keep it casual, and you’ll be amazed at where some of these conversations lead!
    • If they haven’t taken the plunge write down their name and the next time a recruiting event comes along, invite them to it! All they can say is no and this might be the opportunity they never knew they always wanted.