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4. Creating a Rewards Link & Redeeming Book Credit

    Easy walkthrough on how to set up individualized links for free book rewards for both yourself and your event/referral hosts. Do this before you have your first party/event on Facebook/Sqweee or join in on a Team Group Giveaway!

    You can also share this link on social media, email, blogs, text! Use it like an affiliate link. Watch this video or scroll down to read the text directions.

    Text Instructions on setting up rewards links on your new E-commerce shopping site!

    1. Login to your e-commerce account at the top right and then click ‘My Account’ if you don’t see Admin Options. (You should have received an email from with your consultant number, you will plug that in to this URL and that is your new e-commerce website: (consultant ID)

    2. Click ‘Add Event’ from the consultant menu on the left

    3. Add any name (no other info needed) and click save

    4. Copy the link to the right of the name you saved the link as. If you cannot find it, go to ‘Event List’

    How to Redeem your Free book credit

    Here’s a quick video on how to redeem your free book credit and take advantage of your consultant discount.

    However, you’ll want to make sure you have a party or event first to get the most out of your Brand Partner status. Click here for more information on how to do that and make sure you touch base with your team leader to tell them when you want to try an online party/event so they can guide you!

    Written instructions:

    You will redeem the Home Office Free Book Award that was part of your kit purchase or books earned during Climb, etc. in Order Pro. You can redeem with a rewards link (that you set up in e-commerce and accrued sales on (books will be shipped to wherever party rewards ship) or using the Award Redemption order type.

    How to Redeem with a rewards link or full retail sales (step 2 should be ‘home party)

    On Step 3. (Select Books), add any books you want at full retail or if you have sales on your rewards link in e-commerce, click the blue ‘import event’ button and attach your link to this order.

    Then, find the Type of Selection box mid-screen (see image below) and change it from “Full Retail” to “Home Office Free Book Award” to access your book credit from the kit. Add the books you want up to the amount that is available for that section.

    Change the selection box again for other rewards if you have imported a rewards link or added at least $100 in full retail to the order. Your 25% consultant discount does not reflect in the total because you are paid that as a commission the following week.

    If you’d like to send Party Bonus books to a different address ($50 worth of books at 65% off, must pay $9.99 shipping) click here to view that video.

    Redeem only your free book credit that came with your kit
    On Step 2. Order Type, change the Order Type from “Home Party” to “Award Redemption.”

    On Step 3. Select Books, find the Type of Selection box (mid-screen) and make sure “Home Office Free Book Award” is selected.

    Good to know:
    Awards will be shipped to the shipping address for the order.

    Commission is not earned on Free Book Awards, even if your order exceeds the value of the award.
    Shipping charges apply to Free Book Awards.

    Book Awards can be used incrementally or all at once – your balance will be adjusted each time you order using this selection type.

    Book Awards cannot be used to order supplies.

    Home Office Free Book Awards do not expire, and require an active subscription to our e-business sites (free to consultants for their first six months.)