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5. Which Book Boss are You?

    No matter why you joined as a Brand Partner, the best way to take advantage of all the benefits of your Brand Partner status, is to do an online event!

    People call these parties or gatherings but they are SO much more! These events teach literacy tips, offer freebies, and help your friends and family get their hands on award winning learning materials, gifts and activities!

    The next lessons will walk you through your first event on Facebook or on Sqweee (no social media necessary).

    If you are motivated to grow your business FAST, reach out to your team leader for our Step up to Leadership training to learn how you can earn an 8.5% raise by committing to becoming a consistent book business owner!

    We are here to help you maximize all that the company has to offer, so make sure you communicate your goals to your team leader!

    💻📲NEXT STEPS!!

    When I started doing events, I personally hosted MULTIPLE myself in that first 4 weeks to get the ball rolling. Some were REALLY small…but they all helped me to launch my online book business with success.

    Hosting that many meant I messaged ALL my FB friends, many of whom I hadn’t spoken to in MANY years. Lesson: Ask. Everyone. Download the worksheet that goes with this video here.