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6. Your Launch Events!

    Let’s get your first parties booked BEFORE your launch party even happens!

    Remember, your team leader and sponsor will help guide you through your first solo party night! Send her this list with a name of 10 people you feel most comfortable asking to book a party! These could be your close friends and family, or anyone who might host a party just to help you out.

    Ask your team leader for wording to send to them, or use this general booking message:

    Hi (name)! How’s _____ (something specific like job, homeschooling, etc) going? I am messaging to see if you’d be interested in earning some free children’s books for (kid’s names or your kiddos) by doing an 15 minute online literacy giveaway with me? I would share reading tips, freebies and your guests would be able to stock up on award winning books and learning materials. I’d love for you to be one of the first people I help! Would you like to try it with me?