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About Team Amplify!

Team Amplify is a training cooperative started by independent consultants in 2022 and is currently ranked in the top 10 executive teams in the nation. Amplify is managed by the executive team which you can read more about on our home page. Our mission is to help families achieve their dreams through literacy and we do that by providing business & literacy inspiration for families and organizations.

Success Stories!

After the Kids Leave Home

I didn’t become a UBAM book lady until my sons were already grown. My youngest son was a senior in high school so we didn’t have many children’s books in our home anymore.

I spent the $75 to buy my mini kit and really didn’t expect anything to come from it. My initial goal was not to lose money. So imagine my surprise when I earned back my kit cost with my launch party! 🙂

I wanted to earn an income from home and had listened to the advice of my director who told me that the way to earn the most income was to begin recruiting right away. I didn’t fully understand what I was doing but I trusted her and went ahead and followed her advice.

Attitude is everything. I know I have a hard time believing something until I experience it in my own life. I took a leap of faith and leaned heavily on the success that I saw other leaders having with this business to help break down the unbelief in my own mind and that made all the difference.

Now, I have enjoyed being a Team Leader for two years and the extra income has helped my husband and I to buy a tiny camper, to pay off debt, to buy a new refrigerator, to pay for Christmas gifts, and so much more. Our next goal is to make enough that my husband can quit his job and start a career he will enjoy! – Advanced Leader Michelle Caskey

Home of My Dreams!

I started with UBAM almost 3 years ago, I started because I wanted a little extra income, and it was the start of Covid, so I was home more. Never expected this business to be such an impact on my life and the success it has become. I’ve met amazing women, I’ve attended incredible vendor events, and have made great money.

I love the community I get to meet on a daily basis and that I get to bring these beautiful books to everyone. Because of the additional income this business has brought me I was able to buy the home of my dreams in 2022! I’m so happy I said yes that day and even though it’s hard at times it’s definitely worth it!🤩

– Team Leader Vanessa Salazar!

I Saved Christmas!

In 2017 we were trying desperately to move back to our home town after living away for about 13 years. We finally found a home, a first home purchase for us, but closing was delayed for 3 months. We were staying at my mother in laws house, half of our stuff was in storage and half was still at our old rental house 5 hours away.

FINALLY we closed on our house exactly 1 week before Christmas. Trying to move at Christmas with 5 young kids is not fun. I tried to make things as ‘normal’ as I could for our kids that year. One of the first things we did in our new house was put up our Christmas tree. But the money for presents? So much went into moving and buying our new home there was not much left over.

Thankfully, I had a link I saved up sales for 6 months and used the rewards to get Christmas presents for our kids. Opening that box of $100 worth of free books on Christmas Eve to wrap for our children brought me to tears. I was so thankful for this business. It saved Christmas that year. I’ll never forget that night!

Now, because of leadership and my personal growth, we get boxes of most of the new titles every catalog release! My ‘why’ is still seeing my kids with these amazing books and knowing how much having full bookshelves has helped them to grow and learn. But, now, I also love seeing other families and children benefit from these books and this business as well. ❤️ – Team Leader Danielle Holiday!

More than a Business!

When I joined as a book lady, I had zero expectations of what that meant. I’ve done other direct sales ventures and was never very successful, so I thought, worst case scenario, I’m getting a discount on something I know I’ll buy… my kids LOVE these books! I was so surprised to find this was what my heart has been missing since I left the classroom years ago. I also found a circle of friends who support me in my business, my mothering, and my marriage. Even ladies who I have never met and have no stake in my business being successful have come beside me and helped me to learn and grow! This is so much more than making a little side cash for my family, it feeds my soul in opportunities to help others and to be a part of something bigger than myself! I’ve also watched my sons grow into readers with varied interests because we have a steady flow of new reading material without touching our family budget. What a blessing this opportunity has been for our family! – Team Leader Hannah Cuzzupe

A Life of Freedom!

I remember being so tired one day that I thought I would just lie down for a second after my home daycare kids left around 6pm on Friday. I woke up the next day! My husband said that he saw me sideways on the bed and knew I needed the rest. With 4 of my own kids, it was time to start focusing more on them and less on other people’s kids. There were so many things I wanted to do without being pinned down to a strict schedule. Plus, I wanted to make a bigger difference in more children’s lives! Books were a no-brainer to me because of how much I was able to teach my daycare kids and my own kids with just a book. I started with the company 2 days after Christmas and in 14 months I had made my first 6-figures. The rest is history! This opportunity has opened the doors for a legacy of impact! My family and community will be forever changed because I believed in literacy and in the company! – Sr. Director Janine LaTulippe

Start a New Chapter

Each year over $2 billion in children’s books are sold in the US! Our company helps provide opportunities to anyone who wants to promote literacy regardless of educational background or economic status.

With more and more business being conducted online, book shops across the nation are closing! In addition to this fact, literacy rates in America are also faltering! 1 in 10 children will grow up without knowing how to read. The need for quality learning materials and people who are passionate about educating parents about the importance of literacy is at an all time high. Join us in helping meet these needs!

Start a new chapter by inspiring parents to create connection and foster a life-long love of learning through books and other educational resources!