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Booking Challenge!

    Here are some ideas to Challenge yourself and book 8 parties in the next few weeks! Save this tracker to your phone by holding down the image! Each day for 10 days, send 20 messages to people in your networks. Scroll down and check out the resources for what to say and other ideas to help you get those bookings!

    Sample Booking Message:

    Hi (name)!

    Hope you had a great week! How’s (ask a personalized question about their life)?

    I’m reaching out because I’m helping parents get some free books for (Summer break) by doing quick 15 minute literacy events for them and would love to help you too! They’re super fun! I share lots of reading tips and freebies, plus do a giveaway for your friends. Then they can stock up on awesome learning materials and boredom busters too! Would you like to try one with me?

    Sample Booking Posts:

    (use colored background on FB) Looking for 5 parents to help get FREE books this (summer)! Put BOOK below if you’d like info!

    (use one of these Shelfie photos) I love helping people get FREE books for their kids, especially during the (season)! Books have helped my children ______ and ______. I know there will be some difficulties in the next few months whether it is getting your kids prepared for the next grade, keeping them busy without screens, or just feeling that connection as their parent. If you’d like some help too, put BOOKs below for all the details!

    Ask questions with a colored background on FB and then message those people who answer about getting them free books:

    How many days a week do you get to read with the kids?

    During the (season) how much do your kids read on their own time?

    Do you go to the library very much?

    What’s your child’s favorite book right now?

    Where do you go to shop for books?

    Message them with: Thanks for commenting on my post about (reading or books)! I wanted to make sure you saw that I actually help parents get books for free by doing online literacy events. You said ____ on my post so I would love to help you too. At the events I share reading tips, freebies and even do a giveaway too! It’s so fun! Would you like to try one with me?

    More Resources:

    Click here for a document on how to turn a rejection into a booking!

    Click here for more booking tips and ideas!

    Click here for more sample messages!