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Earn a Raise!

    Why Promote?

    Learn more about WHY you might want to start building a team! Leadership might be a word that you steer clear of, but it just means that you are increasing the influence of literacy in your networks! Only YOU can touch the people you do because of the unique person you are. So we need YOU in the leadership ranks.

    Earn a Raise

    If you desire to make an income with this business, it just makes SENSE to build a team and become a leader.

    You can earn more money without doing all the selling yourself. Instead, you can not only earn more, but HELP others do the same. Earning + Giving = NO BRAINER.

    Keep your consistent business, and help others do the same = Fulfillment (both of your bank account and of your heart! )

    Here is a quick graphic showing your potential pay increase. You can also check out more visual examples below!

    Below shows a Brand Partner that sells $1000 in one month, a brand new team leader with 3 team members (all who are also selling $1000 in a month), and another team leader who has grown her team a bit with 10 team members who have joined the literacy mission and sell $1000 in one month as well.

    Visual Walk-Through of Compensation Plan

    This is a great visual of our compensation plan by Director Shauna Zollinger! It shows how it PAYS to earn a promotion to team leader AND help others on your team do the same! THIS is how you start earning full-time income from your book business!

    Want some concrete proof of what this income could look like?

    The fall selling season(Sept-November) is our biggest of the year. That’s when it is REALLY good to be a team leader!

    Below are REAL LIFE pay stubs from leaders on THIS team in October.

    New leaders, veteran leaders, leaders of all levels. This is hard-earned MONEY in their bank accounts, ready to be used as a TOOL to do GOOD things!