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7. Event Tips!

    Pretend you’re opening up a brick & mortar bookstore!

    YOUR new “bookshop” is that perfect place to find amazing books, and everyone will be excited it’s opening!!

    If you’d gone to the trouble to paint the building, arrange the flowers and blow up the balloons, you’d probably tell everyone you know what day you’d be open for business, and invite them to come take a look!

    So pretend you’ve done just that.

    This is a GRAND OPENING! Make a big deal out of it and invite EVERYONE!

    Take a look at this chart. It’s a good prediction for potential party sales based on the number of people who say yes to coming. It’s not a guarantee, but a prediction based on the averages we see.

    You can see the commission you’d earn based on the sales (25%)! And since YOU are the host of your launch party, you earn free and half-price books, too!

    There’s no cap to how much you can earn – both in commission and free book rewards! So if you invite right, the sky is the limit!

    Momentum Goal: This is what keeps your business moving forward AFTER your launch party! Your goal is to book at least 2 parties with hosts for the week after your launch. And the more ‘yes’ responses to inviting you collect, the higher your chances of finding those party hosts!

    Set a goal of collecting 24 ‘yes’ responses, and then don’t stop there! Keep inviting, even on the day of your party!