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Final Push – Ideas for Sales!

    Are you or your team in need of sales to cross the finish line? Here are some ideas and resources on how to do that!

    CARDS FOR A CAUSE: Selling 100 card boxes equals $3000, and if they recruit 3 friends who are passionate about fundraising too – promotion becomes possible! If you need more info about CFACs, let your team leader know!

    BOOK DRIVES: Similar to Cards for a Cause, you can make a BIG impact in children’s lives if you and 3 friends who are passionate about giving back work together to donate $3000+ worth of books to a cause! Ask your upline leader how to run a book drive! Here is a google drive all about promoting with Fostercare Book Packs! However, there are so many ideas; it’s limitless.

    VENDOR EVENTS: there are lots of guides on these so reach out to your team leader and I will be helping with some posts too!

    CFAC & BOOK DRIVE COMBINED: Did you know you can raise funds to purchase books through Cards for a Cause? This is a wonderful way to have your sales go even further. Use the funds raised from a CFAC to then enter a book fair order of books for your cause. This map to team leader is similar to the other fundraising options.

    5-10-15 Parties!

    This is short & sweet and guarantees AT LEAST $125 in sales at each party! Get 5 people to commit to joining this party! Then spend15 minutes LIVE in a fb group or zoom sharing 10 of your favorite books or new titles! πŸ™‚(Do you research on your guests and share books for their children’s age ranges!)

    Message to send: “Hey, Janet! I’m hosting a 5-10-15 PaperPie Gathering later this week! It’s a lot different than the average party. I’m only inviting 5 guests who commit to buying $25 each of books. I’ll highlight 10 of our new titles in 15 minutes – LIVE! πŸ™‚ Once each person does their $25+ purchase (it does not have to be limited to the 10 books I highlight), there will be one prize winners. That person gets $15 FREE books, and $25 books half price. Would you be interested in being one of our guests? πŸ™‚

    You can even changed some to say “I only need ONE more guest! Will you be it?”

    Event description:

    5 Friends – 10 books- 15 minutes!

    On Wednesday, February 22nd @ 8:30pm EST, I’ll go LIVE for 15 minutes to highlight 10 of PaperPie’s amazing products! Then, after each guests completes her book purchase of $25 or more, I will do a drawing for our prize! The winner will receive $15 in FREE products and $25 at HALF PRICE.

    I’m not doing any pre-party posts. I’ll go live for 15 minutes at the party time then give them 24 hours to shop. After they shop, I’ll draw winners! If the sales go into a higher reward bracket, I’ll offer more prizes! It’s really short and sweet and fun!

    Mystery Box Sale!

    Have you tried mystery boxes? These are all based on entering in a book fair and getting a total of 9 orders for at least $270 in sales. (Price does not include tax)

    Here’s what I say:

    Who’d like a fun surprise?!

    Pick a box any box!

    Each box costs πŸ’²30 (plus tax)

    ❄️The LOWEST value of a box is πŸ’²35 (PLUS free shipping) πŸ“š

    ❄️The ‘Winning Boxes’ are worth up to πŸ’²65! πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ

    All you have to do is pick a number! (Hopefully a lucky one πŸ˜‰) I will shoot you an invoice and you tell us what titles you want!

    Who’s going to hit the winners!?

    Ends 4/29

    You can also do this for donations! If you need a foster organization, an upline director has a place you can send books so you only need to get the 9 sponsors!

    You will lose a little in commission on this because of shipping things back out to people, but you could charge shipping and tax or increase the price with this canva template: