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Getting Started on Instagram

    Personally, I recommend focusing your efforts on growing one social media platform at a time. Then, when your business is consistent, you can branch out to another platform.

    Instagram is a little different from FB. It is more Topic-focused instead of person-focused. If you can choose a couple of main topics to talk about and stick to those, you will have better luck gaining traction. Some good topics for your book business are: Parenting, Literacy, Preschool, Teenagers, Business, Special Needs, Homeschooling, and Teaching.

    I’ve always heard the tip that your IG posts are to gain new followers, and your stories are for selling. You might think of that when thinking about what to post on IG. This folder filled with reading statistics could be used along with reels and carousels that you create with your own photos and videos.

    Reels and carousels (multiple images) are very popular trends right now.

    You can post reels everywhere, not just Instagram. Publish them on Facebook, Youtube and share them in stories too!

    For in-depth IG Reels training, Click here to go to our FB group.

    Just remember what these are for: serving your audience to build trust and reach new people!