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Grow Your Network – With Facebook Groups

    A Facebook group can be a very valuable community to build for repeat sales and customer service! It can also help you build trust with your customers in order for them to want to join your team! Challenge yourself to get at least 10 new FB group members each month!

    The first thing you can do is plan at least one event in your group each month! Check out this video and then scroll down for more ideas!

    Here are more resources for growing your group! Think of it as your brick-and-mortar store! Your eCommerce is like the shelves. You have to get people in your store before they shop, right? So how are you going to get new people into your group? How will you serve your group members so you enjoy showing up and checking it out? What can you do to help them make a purchase or book a party/event with you?

    Click here for 50 ideas on FB Group Questions for more sales/engagement!

    Click here for post ideas and graphics!

    Click here for freebies to share on social media to get more people in your group. Ask your Team Leader if you need a password to access.

    Click here for group graphics/scripts. Check the team facebook group for more ideas!