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Are you passionate about literacy? Do you want to make an impact on the lives of children? Are you open to making money from home? Starting your own Online Book Shop might be exactly what you are looking for! The industry is set to explode with the death of traditional bookstores and the need for more children to fall in love with books!

Literacy Rates at an All Time Low!

Here are just a few of the scary statistics we are facing as a country!

  • Only 50% of children ages 0-5 are read to!
  • 63% of 4th graders are below proficient in reading!
  • 2/3rds of those children end of going through the prison system during their lives or end up on welfare.
  • 1 in 10 Children grow up without learning how to read!
  • 32 million adults are functionally illiterate!
  • The decline in literacy costs taxpayers billions every year

Books matter and more importantly, book ownership! Studies show that children with 500+ books in the home make $800,000 more in their lifetime than their peers! By starting your own online book business, you are contributing to the success of your community and the country as a whole! 

Scroll down to learn more or reach out to your brand partner to sign up and start writing an impactful story! Don’t have a brand partner? Click the button below to be connected to one!

Partner with PaperPie!

Becoming a brand partner is more simple than ever! You get to choose the path you’d like to take whether it’s promoting our brands on social media to earn commission and product rewards or building a book business with consistent sales and a growing team! You can start earning 25% right away.


As a new brand partner, you also get special rewards within your first 8 weeks! Double free book rewards, gifts, cash and more can be yours when you hit specific goals! Which prizes are you MOST excited about?

Why Amplify?

We are with you every step of the way! When you join, you get access to our new brand partner training, facebook team page, resource library, your own personal team leader who will guide you through our resources and more! Everything is there for you to succeed including the latest strategies and marketing tools.

Check out our Success Stories page to learn more about Team Amplify and why you’ll love working with us! Now, with weekly coaching from your fellow brand partners, and monthly team event opportunities, our community makes owning an online book shop even more fun and rewarding! Some lifelong friendships have been formed within our group of book lovers. If you’re looking for more connection with like-minded literacy enthusiasts at the top of the company, our team is for you!

A Free Gift!

Get your FREE eBook guide – a gift from our team!

Here’s proof our team is on top of unique resources and marketing strategies! Download your free guide and share it with your friends! You may have people looking for an opportunity just like this and waiting to join you even before you start.

Click the image or the button below to download and feel free to copy the ebook image by right clicking or holding your finger down on the image and saving it to your device. Please do not link directly to the PDF, but send them to this page or privately text, email or message them with the pdf link!


How much can I earn?

As a Consultant, you determine what success looks like, whether it’s income growth, time flexibility, or something else you’ve been dreaming of! You will earn 25% commission on each regular sale you make and have the option to earn a 4% cash bonus every month. Promote to Team Leader to begin earning an additional 8.5% on your personal and team sales! Your goals and your hard work help determine what’s possible, whether you’re aiming for a six-figure income, extra grocery money, or wiggle room to buy more books! 

Review our Income Disclosure Statement for current data to cast a vision for what you can achieve. 

How much time do I have to spend?

It’s YOUR business. You can spend as much or as little as you’d like. On average, our consultants earn $25/hour for online events.

Do I have to carry inventory?

No. You are never required to have inventory. Everything ships directly from our home office warehouse in Tulsa, OK.

Are there minimums or quotas?

No. There are no sales requirements. However, after your first 3 months as a new consultant, your website and back office hosting fee is $8 a month. You must renew your website to continue taking orders on your website, but there is nothing to cancel. If you do not choose to renew, there is nothing else you need to do to avoid being charged a fee.

Do I have to do online events?

No. There are several ways to sell online. However, online events are the fastest and most simple way to start and grow your business. Your Team Leader can share all the different themes, scripts and templates available for you or ask about our team events! You can also share links to your website on a blog or any social media site you manage.

How will I learn the ropes?

Our team provides a myriad of training tools and resources, plus your Team Leader will be your guide and friend! She will help you get familiar with our resources and you can go to her, as well as our team page with any questions you have.

To sign up, please visit your consultant’s website and click the join button!