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More Perks!

    Team leader is just the beginning. After that, there’s Advanced Leader, Sr. Team Leader, Executive, Sr. Exec, Director, and Sr. Director!

    This graphic shows the growth potential (and the money potential) as you advance to upper-level leadership. How high do you want to go in your business?

    Remember that there is additional training as you RISE IN LEADERSHIP!

    There are also fun Promotion Prizes at each level of leadership! Which would you love to earn?

    You know how amazing it feels to watch your child accomplish something because of your encouragement?

    From watching your baby take their first step to helping them read their first book or scoring their first soccer goal, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of pouring belief into someone, cheering them on, and helping them find success!

    In the same way, I’ve found that as amazing as it feels to accomplish a goal for myself, it’s even MORE fun to help other people do the same!

    When you start building a team, YOUR goals will inspire them to set THEIR goals! You get the incredible privilege of helping others find success and you rise/succeed together! It’s win-win!

    In doing so, you develop so many skills and have experiences that make you a better person!

    Warning: helping others to achieve gets ADDICTING! Have you ever helped someone achieve something before? How did that make you feel?

    You are not alone in this journey! We have exclusive training and events, plus home office and team Facebook Groups just for people who promote to leadership! You will be supported and inspired in this journey! All the tools are here for you.

    IMPACT Literacy through Promotion

    As you promote up in leadership, not only will your paycheck increase, but your impact on literacy will as well. Just imagine the kind of impact we can make when we’re each getting books in kids hands and helping others do the same!

    “A book can’t change the world on its own. But a book can change readers. And readers? They can change the world.”

    – Linda Sue Clark

    Also, since you LOVE books, you’ll get lots of free ones when you promote to Team Leader! Here are the perks when you promote in your first 8 weeks (StoryStart) or beyond!

    We’ll talk more about the requirements in the next lesson!