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Promotion Requirements

    Our simple path to leadership makes it accessible to everyone!

    Goals: You need 3 personally sponsored recruits with $500 in sales each. $1000 in personal sales and $3000 in central group sales (this includes your sales and anyone you or your teammates recruit!) The timeframe is flexible, however you’ll need these qualifications in a 1-2 month window.

    If you want to create more consistent income, just taking this journey and making a promotion your goal will allow you to do this!

    The journey is what counts so don’t be afraid of the results! If you want the benefits this journey provides, let your team leader know you want to work towards this path!


    Here is a simple graphic you can hold down and save to your phone and fill out as you complete the sales and recruiting requirements. We’ll help you with how to make the sales and with recruiting in the next lessons. Scroll down to see more options for trackers!

    Click here to download a PDF tracker!

    There is also a built in tracker for you in your back office! Here’s how to find that and utilize it!

    Go to your Back Office:

    Scroll down to a tracker that looks like this and click on the STEP button on the left. Then click ‘Step Details’.

    You’ll get a tracker that looks like this so you can see what recruiting and sales requirements are left for you to complete your promotion! You can toggle the months button to see if you qualify for the bonus when trying to promote in just one month.

    Maintaining Leadership

    You’ll be happy to hear that it is even easier to maintain your leadership promotion than it is to actually promote!

    You only need $1000 in personal sales and $3000 in team sales every 3 months to maintain your title! You’ll also get passes and waivers if something happens or you would like to take time off. These minimums help you commit to consistency and give you a starting point for expected income.