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Team Building Challenge!

    Team Building CHALLENGE: Make a list of 25-50 people you think would be amazing at this – message them on a personal level! 🏆

    If you need a worksheet to help you with this, download that here. 

    After you do this, go to the next step to get more wording to talk about the opportunity.

    Here’s the thing, if you believe that this business can do amazing things for you, you don’t have the option not to bring people with you.

    😮 It’s easier not to care about people and let them go on doing the same things and get the same frustrating results.

    But I know you DO care!

    ⭐️ You want to make a difference in people’s lives and the business opportunity is the BEST way to do that.

    They will get the most free books. They will get more books in the hands of kids, and they get an opportunity to build the success that they want!

    Go to the next step for resources to help you move your personal conversations into team-building conversations.